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This maven plugin generates a .ensime file and provides various convenience commands for interacting with ENSIME. The source code can be found at in it’s own project: ensime-maven.

ENSIME Maven Plugin

This maven plugin generates a .ensime file for use with an ENSIME server.


Configure your ~/.m2/settings.xml file so that maven is aware of the plugin group org.ensime.maven.plugins:


Or you can add the following to your pom file:



Note usually you don’t need to add DistributionManagement part.

Generate .ensime file

To actually generate the .ensime file from your pom, run:

mvn ensime:generate

Format the Scala sources

Format .scala files using Scalariform settings (compatible with, but does not require, maven-scalariform plugin).

mvn ensime:scalariform

You can customize it by passing the salariform settings to this plugin’s configuration:


For the list of options and the default settings, please refer to the maven-scalariorm plugin.