Contributions to the code and documentation are welcome!

Unsure How To Help?

Gitter is the place for you!

Improving The Documentation

Fork the ENSIME site on Github.

Hacking on the Code

The source code is on Github. If you are hacking on ENSIME Sublime, there are a few things you may want to do differently.

Installing Directly from Source

Rather than installing ENSIME Sublime via Package Control, check out the Git repo directly into the directory you end up in when you choose Preferences / Browse Packages.

This will Sublime Text to pick up changes in the plugin codebase live as you edit it!

Additional Configuration

By default, when you run the Ensime: Startup command, ENSIME Sublime starts a new instance of ENSIME Server. If you are hacking on ENSIME Server, you may find it useful to disable this behaviour.

To get ENSIME to connect to a pre-existing server instead, go to Preferences / Package Settings / Ensime / Settings - User and add the following config entry:

  // other config entries...
  "connect_to_external_server": false

To revert to the default behaviour, set the entry back to true.